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  • (Français) Matériaux divers et articles récupérés de démolitions

    Nous sommes actuellement à procéder à une réorganisation de notre cour.  Nous avons néanmoins plusieurs articles de disponibles. Pour information, communiquez avec Philippe Pelletier au (450) 844-3635, poste 104

  • (Français) Matériaux divers et articles récupérés de démolitions

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A green and hopeful future demands a good daily management of our waste. Unfortunately, during many demolitions nothing is recovered and everything is waste polluting our environment. At Recyclage Equipmat inc. we commit ourselves to deconstruct manually your structures and then proceed to the recycling of almost 75% of materials. We recover steel structures, the reinforcement of walls, passing by the acoustic isolation, doors, the frame works, tiles going even up to simple screws. We disassemble on place and sort out every material scrupulously. We also offer the service of moving structures and rebuilding them. Our concern: minimize the loss of materials. Our pride: the reuse of those. For a more green demolition, for a process allowing a maximum of recovery and minimum of waste, trust us.